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... to address the movement of migrants and refugees who embark on perilous journeys across the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. The sea route to Europe: The Mediterranean passage in the age of refugees Data portal hosting - The Mediterranean Refugees/Migrants Data Portal is hosted by UNHCR - For more information, contact: webportal@unhcr.org. A subsequent Italian and Maltese rescue operation ultimately could only save some 50 of an estimated 700 people on board. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, the International Organization of Migration (IOM) are calling for the immediate disembarkation of more than 400 rescued migrants and refugees currently on board three vessels in the Central Mediterranean. A large majority of the thousands of people who made dangerous sea journeys across the Mediterranean into Europe in the first six months of 2015 were fleeing war, conflict or persecution. Refugees and migrants attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea lost their lives at an alarming rate in 2018, as cuts in search and rescue operations reinforced its position as the world’s deadliest sea crossing. The group was moved from UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF), after surviving months in dire conditions inside detention centres in other parts of the city. UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres expressed his shock at this latest refugee tragedy and urged European countries to restore a “robust” rescue—at—sea operation. The MHub is the public platform of the North Africa Mixed Migration Task Force, a joint initiative of UNHCR, DRC, IOM, OHCHR, RMMS and UNODC. UNHCR estimates are based UNHCR urges Greece to accelerate emergency measures to address conditions on Samos and Lesvos. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is calling for greater coordination, solidarity and responsibility-sharing, in view of the increased movements of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. A part of the donor money will go to the protection of Ethiopian refugees fleeing to Sudan. “The tragedy of the Mediterranean cannot be allowed to continue,” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The risk of migrants and refugees becoming shipwrecked in the Mediterranean and dying at sea is the highest it has ever been due to a lack ... the spokeswoman for the UN refugee agency, UNHCR… “We need to pay ur... This makes the current Mediterranean crisis primarily a refugee crisis, according to a landmark UNHCR report released on Wednesday (July 1). Loading Routes towards the Mediterranean - Reducing risks and strengthening protection, The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations, ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Most common nationalities of Mediterranean sea and land arrivals from January 2020","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"NOTE: Nationality data for 2020 arrivals are still being updated by countries. Three years on from the shocking images of lifeless Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi on a Turkish beach, a new report by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency shows that crossing the Mediterranean Sea has become even more deadly. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is calling for greater coordination, solidarity and responsibility-sharing, in view of the increased movements of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the extremely difficult circumstances faced by many countries at present due to COVID-19, the prote... Demography of Mediterranean sea arrivals from January 2020, Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe in 2019- Accompanied, Unaccompanied and Separated, Resettlement to Europe - January to December 2019, EUROPE SITUATIONS: DATA AND TRENDS - ARRIVALS AND DISPLACED POPULATIONS (October 2020), Practical Recommendations and Good Practice to Address Protection Concerns in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Refugee and Migrant Arrivals to Europe - Jan to Dec 2019, Desperate Journeys - January to September 2019, Refugee and Migrant Children arriving in Europe and how to Strengthen their Protection, ["featuredDocuments",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Routes towards the Mediterranean - Reducing risks and strengthening protection","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"UNHCR Appeal, June 2019","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","document":"75652","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":209001,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"Routes towards the Mediterranean - Reducing risks and strengthening protection","subtitle":"UNHCR Appeal, June 2019","sv_id":11,"geo_id":0}], Access to Education for refugee and migrant children in Europe, Who What Where (3W) Serbia Situation April 2018, UNHCR - Relocation of UASC from Greece Explainer. UNHCR’s new Desperate Journeys report shows that more than 1,600 people have died or gone missing while attempting to reach Europe so far this year. The number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean for Europe in the first six months of this year was the highest on record, the UNHCR said. Most crossed the Eastern Mediterranean … UNHCR and refugees were part of the taskforce developing District Development Plans in refugee-hosting districts, with priority on education, health, environment and economic inclusion. Read more, The coronavirus pandemic has deepened the plight of people fleeing war, conflict and persecution. UNHCR Egypt is the largest refugee status determination (RSD) operation globally and conducts RSD on behalf of the Government for all nationalities, except Syrians and Yemenis. Many of the evacuees need medical treatment and are suffering from malnourishment. UNHCR has stated repeatedly its view that robust search and rescue capacity, particularly in the Central Mediterranean, needs to be coupled with a regional mechanism allowing quick, predictable and safe disembarkation. * Arrivals include sea arrivals to Italy, Cyprus and Malta, both sea and land arrivals to Greece and Spain. AMMAN — Thirty years after it first opened an office in Jordan, UNHCR — the UN Refugee Agency — is launching a virtual timeline detailing key moments and historical events which have affected refugee lives in Jordan. ","sv_id":11,"geo_id":0}], ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sea and land arrivals monthly","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"timechartType","population_group":["0;4797","0;4798"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2015","color":"#9A9A9A","frequency":"month","chartType":"column","useAdmRootLevelData":"1","async":"1","enable_json":"1","enable_csv":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":208982,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Sea and land arrivals monthly","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":0}], Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 07 - 13 December 2020, Greece ESTIA II Accommodation Capacity update as of 14 December 2020, Greece ESTIA II Population Breakdown update as of 14 December 2020, Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 30 November - 06 December 2020, Greece – 2W – Non Formal Education (all activities) - November 2018 progress report, Mapping of CwC Activities along the Central Mediterranean Route, Access to formal education for refugee and migrant children - May 2018, Rapid Assessment of Mental Health, Psycho-social Needs and Services for Unaccompanied Children in Greece, Ταχεία Αποτίμηση των Ψυχικών και Ψυχοκοινωνικών Αναγκών των Ασυνόδευτων Παιδιών και των Υπηρεσιών στην Ελλάδα, Regional Bureau for Europe COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Update #22, 5 KEY CALLS TO THE EUROPEAN UNION ON THE COVID-19 RESPONSE, Regional Bureau for Europe COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Update #21, Regional Bureau for Europe COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Update #20, Regional Bureau for Europe COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Update #19, Relocation of unaccompanied children from Greece Explainer, Mini Lexicon – Greek/Turkish – 1st Edition, Mini Lexicon – Greek/French – 1st Edition, Mini Lexicon – Greek/Sorani – 1st Edition, Greece ESTIA II Population Breakdown update as of 07 December 2020, Final 2017 RRP Interagency Funding Snapshot-2017 Europe RMRP, Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Europe - 2017 Q3 Update, RMRP Interagency Funding Snapshot-2017 Europe RMRP 13 Oct, 10 Sept 2017-RRP Interagency Funding Snapshot-2017 Europe RMRP, Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Europe - 2017 Midyear Update, Minimum Child Protection Standards for Identification of Unaccompanied Children to be Relocated from Greece to other countries in the European Union, Remote Interviewing: Practical Considerations for States in Europe during COVID-19, Risk Communication and Community Engagement: Positive Practices from Europe during COVID, Guidance note on reporting refugee and migrant missing children in Greece_UNHCR SoC, Europe Relocation Mechanism - Jan to Dec 2017, Europe Relocation Mechanism - November 2017, Europe Relocation Mechanism - 29 August 2017, Europe Relocation Mechanism - 31 July 2017, MHPSS Technical Working Group - Meeting Minutes (16 October 2020), MHPSS Technical Working Group - Meeting Minutes (02 October 2020), MHPSS Technical Working Group - Meeting Minutes (18 September 2020), MHPSS Technical Working Group - Meeting Minutes (04 September 2020), MHPSS Technical Working Group - Meeting Minutes (17 July 2020), Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Europe - Quarterly Update 1, Age, Gender and Diversity Good Practices, UNHCR in Europe - 2019, COVID-19 and mixed population movements: emerging dynamics, risks and opportunities - A UNHCR/IOM discussion paper, Inter-Agency Participatory Assessment 2018 Dashboard (Key Issues), Inter-Agency Participatory Assessment Report - Greece 2018, Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, March 2017. Read more, IOM, the International Organization for Migration, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, today welcomed the relocation of 12 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children from Greece to Luxembourg. Between 1 January and 30 June 2019, some 37,100 refugees and migrants arrived via the three Mediterranean routes from North Africa and Turkey. The children, who had been living in overcrowded reception and identification cent... “The core principles of refugee protection are being put to test – but peo... Read more, Around the world COVID-19 is taking lives and changing communities but the virus is also inducing massive protection risks for women and girls forced to flee their homes, the Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Gillian Triggs, warned today. Greek authorities must take urgent steps to address the humanitarian situation for around 11,000 asylum-seekers on the islands of Samos and Lesvos. UNHCR estimates that between 65,000 and 68,000 asylum-seekers and refugees will be registered with UNHCR by the end of 2018. In June 2020, Yesterday, the number of Ethiopian refugees fleeing the war in Tigray to eastern Sudan rose to 49,827. Thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the Mediterranean are facing extreme rights abuses, including torture, sexual assault and even death. Raw data - Download the data relating to the arrival of refugees and migrants to Europe, including a breakdown by country of origin and arrival and summary dead and missing and population statistics. Mediterranean crossings deadlier than ever, new UNHCR report warns. It covers displaced populations such as refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced persons. ... the UNHCR … Conditions in the Reception and Identification Centers (RICs) on the two islands are abhorrent. DEVELOPING COLLABORATION AT REGIONAL AND COUNTRY LEVEL, Joint shelter assessment of governmental centres in the Republic of Serbia, UNHCR Greece Latest Information Products - 28 September 2018, Greece-SMS WG-Site Profiles - August - September 2018, UNCT Refugee Migrant Update, February 2019, UNCT Refugee Migrant Update, January 2019, UNCT Refugee Migrant Update, September 2019, Regional Bureau for Europe - GREECE UPDATE #11, Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 20 - 26 April 2020, Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 24 February - 01 March 2020, UNHCR Central Mediterranean Risk Mitigation Strategy (CMRMS), Poster - Useful Information for Asylum Seekers and Refugees - Thessaloniki, Mini Lexicon – Sorani/Greek – 2nd Edition, Mini Lexicon – Kurmanji/Greek – 2nd Edition, Mini Lexicon – Arabic/Greek – 2nd Edition, Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 02 - 08 March 2020, Aegean Islands Weekly Snapshot 20 - 26 May 2019, ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sea arrivals monthly","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"timechartType","population_group":["0;4797"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2015","color":"#3c8dbc","frequency":"month","chartType":"column","async":"1","enable_json":"1","enable_csv":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":208985,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Sea arrivals monthly","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":0}], ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Land arrivals monthly","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"timechartType","population_group":["0;4798"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2015","color":"#009947","frequency":"month","chartType":"column","async":"1","enable_json":"1","enable_csv":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":208986,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Land arrivals monthly","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":0}], Includes refugees and migrants arriving by sea to Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Malta. 146 refugees were evacuated today from Libya to Italy in a joint operation between UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Italian and Libyan authorities. Responsibility for rescued refugees and migrants needs to be shared among States, not left to one or two. Target Beneficiaries Refugees and migrants on the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkans route Financial Requirements USD 550,539,639 Number of Partners 67 * Figures are estimates from UNHCR on daily arrivals to each country from one or more borders. Loading Most common nationalities of sea arrivals (since 1 January 2020), The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations, ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Latest daily arrival figure","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"totalPopulationType","population_group":["0;4908"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2017","color":"#3c8dbc","frequency":"day","chartType":"spline","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212172,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Latest daily arrival figure","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sea arrivals by day","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"timechartType","population_group":["0;4908"],"limit":"","fromDate":"","color":"#3c8dbc","frequency":"day","chartType":"spline","async":"1","enable_csv":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212173,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Sea arrivals by day","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Most common nationalities of sea arrivals (since 1 January 2020)","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"originType","population_group":["1;28"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2020","color":"#3c8dbc","frequency":"day","chartType":"spline","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212174,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Most common nationalities of sea arrivals (since 1 January 2020)","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["documents",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Latest Documents","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","limit":"5","doc_type":"","groupByCategory":"1","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212175,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Latest Documents","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["w3w",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Who's doing What Where","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212176,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Who's doing What Where","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["news",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"News","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","limit":"5","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212177,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"News","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sea arrivals in 2020","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"annualTotalPopulationType","population_group":["0;4797"],"limit":"","fromDate":"01\/01\/2020","color":"#303030","frequency":"day","chartType":"spline","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212178,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"Sea arrivals in 2020","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], Demographics (based on data from January 2020), ["population",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sea arrivals by month","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"timechartType","population_group":["0;4797"],"limit":"","fromDate":"","color":"#3c8dbc","frequency":"month","chartType":"column","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212181,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"Sea arrivals by month","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], I minori rifugiati e migranti in arrivo in Europa e come rafforzare la loro protezione, Italy Sea Arrivals Dashboard October 2020, ["workingGroups",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"Sectorial Working Groups","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"listType","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212189,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"Sectorial Working Groups","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["highlights",{"title_language_ar":"Highlights","title_language_en":"Highlights","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"Highlights","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"created","limit":"6","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212190,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"Highlights","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], ["links",{"title_language_ar":"","title_language_en":"External Links","title_language_es":"","title_language_fr":"","subtitle_language_ar":"","subtitle_language_en":"","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"listType","limit":"5","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":212191,"position":"right","locale":"en","title":"External Links","subtitle":"","sv_id":11,"geo_id":"5205"}], Viaggi Disperati - Da gennaio a settembre 2019, Dead and Missing in the Mediterranean (By Sea), data relating to the arrival of refugees and migrants to Europe, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License. Almost 90 percent of those crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe are leaving from Libya. UNHCR carries out registration, documentation and refugee status determination (RSD) under its 1954 Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Egypt. ","subtitle_language_es":"","subtitle_language_fr":"","order":"","view":"originType","population_group":["1;28","0;4924"],"limit":"10","fromDate":"01\/01\/2020","color":"#9A9A9A","frequency":"month","chartType":"spline","async":"1","type":"situation","widget_id":208981,"position":"left","locale":"en","title":"Most common nationalities of Mediterranean sea and land arrivals from January 2020","subtitle":"NOTE: Nationality data for 2020 arrivals are still being updated by countries. Migrants and asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean now face an even deadlier journey then they have in the past, the UN refugee agency has warned. “We cannot turn a blind eye to the high numbers of people dying on Europe’s doorstep. UNHCR has been unable to independently verify the death tolls for both shipwrecks. Amid violent clashes and a deteriorating security situation in Tripoli, 149 vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers were evacuated to safety in Rome on 30 May. The evacuation was carried out in collaboration with Libyan and Italian authorities. As a result of the First Gulf War, UNHCR began responding to the protection needs of refugees fleeing Iraq in 1990, said a statement from the UN agency.Prior to An estimated 2,275 died or went missing crossing the Mediterranean in 2018, despite a major drop in the number of arrivals reaching European shores. Libya hosts over 43,000 refugees and asylum seekers who are registered with UNHCR, many of whom are travelling through dangerous routes trying to reach Europe. Amid hostilities in Libya, 146 refugees evacuated to Italy. Statistics, Analysis and Reports on Somali Displacement in Africa, Statistics, Analysis and Reports about Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and North Africa. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, leads international action to protect people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. The latest ‘Desperate Journeys’ report, released today by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, says six lives were lost on average every day. The refugee agency registered a total of 2,277 dead or missing in 2018. UNHCR evacuates hundreds of vulnerable refugees out of Libya to safety.

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